Helical Piers/Piles

Helical Piles can be used instead of over excavations, caissons, spread footings.

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Helical Piers

Helical Piers/Piles


Helical pier top capsFoundation Strategies and Construction Inc. installs Helical Piles.

Helical piers (aka helical piles) are either square or round shafts with one or more helix bearing plates welded to the shaft. Helical piers are hydraulically “screwed” into load bearing soils. Grip-Tite’s helical piers have a true helix, meaning, the second and/or third helical plate follows the same path as the first when “screwed” into the soil. This minimizes the disruption of soil.

Helical piers can are used to repair an existing structure and also for new construction in place of micropiles, caissons, geopiers or other deep foundation systems.  They can also be used instead of an over- excavation. The helical pier can be both time and cost effective.

Helical pier installation

When helical piers are used to repair an existing structure, they are “screwed” into the soil until a pre-determined torque is reached. A bracket is then placed on the steel shaft and positioned under the footing of the structure, transferring the load of the structure to the helical piers. The structure can then be stabilized or lifted back level.

Helical Piers have been in use for almost 200 years, and more recently have become more popular with engineers and contractors and used often in place of more costly alternatives. 

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Helical Piers