Foundation Repair

Foundation Strategies and Construction Inc. offers the complete scope of foundation repair and settlement products that will fix or repair any foundation settlement issue.

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Foundation Repair

Signs of Foundation Failure

  • Windows and doors are sticking and hard to open
  • Multiple nail pops are appearing in ceilings and walls
  • Sticking Doors
  • There are large gaps in window and door frames
  • Window and/or door trim are developing spaces
  • Floors are starting to settle and become uneven
  • Bowed or leaning basement walls
  • Interior plaster walls are cracking
  • Chimneys are tilting or leaning
  • Foundations are sinking
  • Cracks in your basement walls

Proven Grip-Tite® Solutions

All Grip-Tite Dealers are thoroughly trained and certified in the installation of the Grip-Tite® Foundation System and are supported by the company's over 90 years of earth anchoring experience.