Sinking Slabs

Foundation Strategies and Construction Inc. offers High Density Polyurethane Injection Technology to solve sinking, cracked, and uneven concrete floors.

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Sinking Slabs


High Density Polyurethane Injection is a cost effective alternative to replacing sinking concrete. At Foundation Strategies and Construction Inc. we use this repair method to fix: sidewalks, streets, ramps, patios, driveways, floors, garage floors, almost anything that is concrete. It is highly effective in commercial and residential situations.

Preferred by Contractors and Department of Transportations, DOT’s, around the USA, High Density Polyurethane Injection Foam offers the same results of traditional concrete raising, stabilization, and void filling, but with new and improved characteristics. Cost-effective compared to concrete replacement, this high density polyurethane foam has quick cure time, is hydrophobic, moisture barrier, lightweight and only needs small 5/8” injection holes. With a material for any application, this technology is leading the concrete raising industry with revolutionary new polyurethane applications.